Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Yay, I Don't Live In Crazy Land!

In recent years, I have grown to be a very politically-minded person. As a younger woman, I did not get involved in politics at all. I hated them. I thought they were boring at best, and scandalous at worst. By younger, I mean college-aged....basically old enough to vote and participate civically, but not old enough to really have a grasp on how political issues and candidates would affect my life. I had a close friend at the time who was very politically involved, and chastized me regularly for my lack of participation. It then began to be a game of spite--which is honestly not something I usually do, but it was provoked--and I would refuse to vote or otherwise exercise my civic duties, just to get his dander up.

Now I'm older, and for the most part wiser, and I see the importance of being involved, of knowing your candidates and how they will or will not represent your wishes and beliefs. Obviously it's wishful thinking to imagine that you'll be represented thoroughly....that one candidate is going to think just the way you do on all issues...but you can hope for the best. And you can learn all you can about everyone who's running, to make sure you vote the way you mean to.

And this morning, I awoke to the sweet feeling that the world had not gone insane, and that Jennifer Granholm was still my governor. Do I know her personally? Or Dick DeVos, for that matter? No. But I know I'd rather cast my lot with her than with him. And not because she's a Democrat, even though I do tend to lean that way. I feared for her re-election, because she couldn't compete with DeVos in terms of campaign finance. She had very little to run that campaign on, and even with all his millions, DeVos couldn't touch her. That's a comforting thought as I think about the political arena in Michigan. We're war-torn and weary (and the war's not just in Iraq, folks), but at least we can spot a weasel when we see one. And we don't elect him into office.

All is right with the world. Except for Jack Hoogendyke, but like I said, that's wishful thinking. ;)