Saturday, June 04, 2005

Nearing my Mid-to-Late Twenties

So happy birthday me, as of Wednesday I will be 26 years old. I'm happy to say I'm actually having a party of some sort this year.....mostly it will be a hodge podge of friends new, old, new-old, and old-new. I'm just so excited to have people over to my house....some who've never been....or haven't for a long time. As usual you wonder how the different groups of friends are going to get along, but most of the people I know and associate with these days are gregarious and outgoing enough that I think everyone will get along fine. But oh, the cleaning that needs to be done.

So, as far as car stuff goes, I fell out of qualifications as of Tuesday, but I'm back in the game already. Basically it just means I have to start over. I'm also going DIQ, so hooray, as if I could get any more focused on MK right now. But this is a good time, since I don't have homework or anything officially to worry about until the next residency (except for those two papers I still have to write ;) ).

I talked to Shannon yesterday, which was marvelous.....I really miss her. I wish she could come "home" (it's not really her home here, but it was to me!) next weekend, but I know I'll see her soon. She has kicked her hubby to the curb, at last....this is one of those instances where you like the guy well enough, but he has some serious issues that prevent you from liking him in the role he's currently playing, i.e. husband to your good friend and father to their child. He's nice enough.....but needs to grow up in a few areas.

I still feel on edge these days.....I wish I could just relax a bit, but it's so hard sometimes, with all that's going on. Is this what adult life's supposed to be like? Crazy worry?